1956 - 1st edition

Venue: Teatro Kursaal, Lugano, Switzerland
Date: Thursday, 24 May 1956
Presentation: Lohengrin Filipello
Voting: Per country, 2 jurymembers each awarded 10-1 points to their top 10.
Number of countries: 7

Draw Order by starting order Country Order by country Title Order by song title [ONLY SHOW ESC VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos. Order by placing Score
1. Netherlands De vogels van Holland (Dutch) Jetty Paerl --
2. Switzerland Das alte Karussell (German) Lys Assia --
3. Belgium Messieurs les noyés de la seine (French) (NEVER RECORDED) Fud Leclerc --
4. Germany Im Wartesaal zum grossen Glück (German) less
• new version (1959) (German)
Walter Andreas Schwarz --
5. France Le temps perdu (French) (NEVER RECORDED) Mathé Altéry --
6. Luxembourg Ne crois pas (French) Michèle Arnaud --
7. Italy Aprite le finestre (Italian) Franca Raimondi --
8. Netherlands Voorgoed voorbij (Dutch) Corry Brokken --
9. Switzerland Refrain (French) less
Refrain, du goldner Traum aus meiner Jugendzeit (German)
Last night (English)
• part of new medley (French)
• new version (German)
Lys Assia 1 -
10. Belgium Le plus beau jour de ma vie (French) (NEVER RECORDED) Mony Marc --
11. Germany So geht das jede Nacht (German) less
Kimi wa maiban no /
  きみは毎晩の (Japanese)
Freddy Quinn --
12. France Il est là (French) (NEVER RECORDED) Dany Dauberson --
13. Luxembourg Les amants de minuit (French) Michèle Arnaud --
14. Italy Amami se vuoi (Italian) Tonina Torrielli --