First participation: 2004
Number of participations: 6
Worst result: last (2006s)
Most votes cast to: Spain (10.0 points)
Most votes received from: Spain (10.8 points)

Year Order by year (descending) Title [ONLY SHOW ESC VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos. Order by placing Score
2009 La teva decisió (Get a life) (Catalan/English) less
La teva decisió [first] (Catalan/English)
Get a life (English)
• remix (English)
• karaoke version (Catalan/English)
Susanne Georgi DNQ -
2008 Casanova (English) Gisela DNQ -
2007 Salvem el món (Catalan/English) less
Let's save the world (English)
Salvem el món [demo] (Catalan/English)
Anonymous DNQ -
2006 Sense tu (Catalan) less
• remix (Catalan) [3:43]
Jenny DNQ -
2005 La mirada interior (Catalan) less
A look inside yourself (English)
• alternate version (Catalan) [2:56]
• demo version (Catalan) [2:58]
Marian van de Wal DNQ -
2004 Jugarem a estimar-nos (Catalan) less
• alternate version (Catalan) [2:59]
• A Catalan in N.Y. new remix (2006) (Catalan) [3:56]
Marta Roure DNQ -