Serbia & Montenegro

First participation: 1992
Number of participations: 3
Best result: 2nd (2004)
Worst result: 11th last (1992)
Most votes cast to: FYR Macedonia (9.8 points)
Most votes received from: Switzerland, Croatia & Austria (12.0 points)

Year Order by year (descending) Title [SHOW ALL VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos. Order by placing Score
2005 Zauvijek moja (Montenegrin) more No Name 7/24 137
2004 Lane moje (Serbian) more Željko Joksimović & Ad Hoc Orchestra 2/24 263
1992 Ljubim te pesmama (Serbian) more Extra Nena 13/23 44

Non-participating entries

Year  Title [SHOW ALL VERSIONS] Artist(s) Pos.  Score
2006 Moja ljubavi (Montenegrin) more No Name Ret. -

Prior to 1992 Serbia & Montenegro participated as part of Yugoslavia. The 1992 entry participated under the name Yugoslavia, but represented an area that was effectively identical to the later Serbia & Montenegro.

The State Union Serbia and Montenegro was split into two independent states in 2006, and has subsequently been replaced in the contest by Montenegro and Serbia.